Beautiful Remedies Magnetics

Magnetic Therapy is simply a non-invasive, not ingested, method of pain relief.

Is Magnetic Therapy your Answer?

You may just have found the relief you’ve been looking for! Here are some comments from the medical profession....

“The magnetic field will, in due time, develop into a powerful new analytic and therapeutic tool of medicine”

Dr. Madeline F. Barnothy -Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields

“Every Family should have a couple of magnets and know how to apply them in minor ailments and infections

Dr. A.K. Baffacharzy M.D. _Healing by Magnets

‘This is a revolution in the therapy for muscle injuries, joint pain and posture problems. We have treated 4000 patients with whiplash injuries by means of magnets and cured 80 percent.”

Dr. J. B. Baron, M.D. Baylor College of Medicine, Texas

“Besides being easy, efficient and inexpensive, magnet therapy holds, furthermore, a total guarantee of safety”

Dr. Louis Donnet, M.D. -Magnets for Your Health    


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